Cola-Fröschli are sweet hard candies in the shape of little frogs that have a distinctive cola taste. For almost 80 years, this cult candy has been a source of pleasure, great joy and nostalgia in Switzerland. Since 2008, it has officially been a part of Switzerland’s culinary heritage.

A Cola-Fröschli on the tongue always excites the taste buds. It tastes sour, sweet and a bit like Coca-Cola. And it can do something that physicists do not believe is possible: It can even overcome the laws of physics and make it possible to travel through time to the past!

Whoever puts a Cola-Fröschli in their mouth and closes their eyes, soon wallows in beautiful childhood. Whoever puts a Cola Fröschli in their mouth and closes their eyes, soon wallows in beautiful childhood memories, e.g. of how as a kid one would buy delicious Cola-Fröschli at a kiosk at a pool with one’s pocket money.

Just as the generations before them, children and adolescents today enjoy the aromatic sweetness of a Cola-Fröschli on their tongues. The recipe for this candy, each of which weighs about 5 grammes, has not changed since it was launched in 1938. And why should it, since it has been so well received? We at Egli AG, the proud owners of Cola-Fröschli in Switzerland, will ensure that is does not change in the future either.